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You have reached the website of an Adoptee who was Adopted as a Baby in a Closed Adoption.  This website is dedicated to all Adoptees, as well as the Births Parents, Adopted Parents, all those who's lives have been touched by Adoption.  Adoptees are the most important part of Adoption, help them through their Adoption. There's much to see here on LifeByAnAdoptee.com.  So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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Life By An Adoptee

LifeByAnAdoptee.com is a website that is created by an Adoptee who was placed for adoption as a baby in a closed adoption. This is my story. Welcome and thank you for joining me, and for reading more about my Adoption journey.  My adopted mom requested some information for me about my natural parents. I didn't get this information until much later in life. It was helpful reading this once I did get it. It would have been so helpful had I seen this sooner in life, but I can understand the fears my adopted mom must have had, that I might not consider her my mom. But honestly, in my heart, my parents are the ones who raised me. But having this identifying information is very helpful for me and my identity. Even though I don't have names, a medical history, or my original birth certificate.  I do have some information.  This helps me. I hope someday they will let all Adoptees have access to their original birth certificates.

My Birth Parents

I was born the Summer of June 1969 in Los Angeles California.  My birth mom was 21 years old, she was single.  Caucasian, born in America of German descent. She had fair complexion, with hazel eyes and medium brown hair.  She was a high school graduate with two years of college where she studied cosmetology.  Her religion was Catholic.  Her special interest was in music.  She played the piano and the guitar.  She also liked outdoor activities and came from a family who did many things together.  My birth father was also 21 years old and single.  He was Caucasian, born in America of German and French descent. He had medium fair complexion with brown eyes, and medium brown hair.  He was a high school graduate with one year of college and was serving in the United States Navy.  My birth father was stationed in Vietnam at the time of the adoption planning and was never seen by a social worker.  My birth mom felt that adoption was the best option, she felt keeping me would be selfish and only thinking of herself.  She wanted me to have two parents who could provide for me.

Signing The Adoption Papers

Shortly before the relinquishment papers were to be signed, my birth mom learned that I had on one occasion turned blue and they were not sure if there was a medical problem. When she learned this and that I had been seen by a heart specialist, she told the social worker she wouldn't sign the papers and preferred to wait until she knew I was going to be fine.  So I was put into a foster home for 4 months. Later when the social worker shared with my birth mom that the heart specialist said I was fine, she expressed how extremely relieved she was. She mentioned how difficult it was during the waiting period to remain firm in her decision to go through with the adoption. She described how the longer she went without signing the papers, the more she felt the desire to keep me although she knew that she could not provide me with what she wanted for me. My birth mom signed the papers with a request that I go into a Catholic home. She wanted me to have two parents. This is it, it's all that i have. This is the only information I have about where I came from. I have no names, no medical history, no pictures, nothing else and my birth certificate is blacked out in areas as well so I know nothing.  What helps me now, is having this information yes, and knowing she was Catholic and wanted me to go to a Catholic home. The Catholic faith connects us. That gives me a lot of peace. Thank you for letting me share my story with you.  Love your family. God and Family is the most important thing. 

Life By An Adoptee


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We are a community focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our website and social media hangouts, we bring awareness to the life of an Adoptee, we share, celebrate, and inspire all things Adoptee life. The Adoptee is an important part of Adoption.

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